Though I have been painting with watercolours since I was a child, I only recently gained a true appreciation and passion for this art form. 

Since the materials don't take up a lot of room, I decided to bring my watercolours on a road trip in early 2020 (before the lockdown). I started a miniature series of paintings from photos taken during the trip. Some of them are shown below. 

What do you love about watercolours?

Watercolours can be fun with quick results, but it can also be very challenging as you learn how the water will react to the pigments. I really love the way the colours dance with the water. It feels like controlled chaos in some ways, where the paint has a mind of its own. There are so many factors that influence how the paint will react. You have to be quick, focused and knowledgeable. It's really a fun medium that brings me a lot of joy.

Why so many paintings of Chief Mountain?

Initially, I painted the first one from a photo I took on the road south. It was a hit on my Instagram feed which lead to a commission and then another and then another! I am thinking I should paint at least one more to make prints, so more people can enjoy this iconic mountain.

What will the future bring?

I would like to continue improving my skills and try larger scale pieces. You can expect many more landscapes. I would like to expand my portraits and try my hand at animals and architecture.

Enjoy the gallery!