I remember a moment in University when I was on the edge of panic. Painting I & II. The course outline was handed out and I held my breath as pages upon pages of every colour of paint were listed in both acrylic and oil. Luckily these fears subsided as the teacher explained her philosophy of using what materials you have available to you and that this list was not necessary. Phew! Though that may also be why I've never tried painting with oils.

My passion for painting runs deep. There's something intimate and emotional about the process. It's like my soul is conversing with the canvas. Though I have a plan for each of my paintings, I think it's important to be flexible and let it speak to you as you go. 

What do you love about painting with acrylics?

In addition to what I've already stated regarding this art form, I love and hate how quickly it dries. I enjoy working in thin layers and this bodes well with acrylics. I also appreciate the ability to rework areas by painting over them. 

What will the future bring?

You can expect to see more landscapes derived from my current surroundings and documented travels. There's something intriguing about painting water, mountains and skies. I'm fascinated by the random markings that come together to create something recognizable and beautiful. I've included some pieces that stray from my landscapes to demonstrate my range with other genres.

Prints of varying types and sizes can be purchased upon request and may be available as greeting cards.

Enjoy the gallery!