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Kristina Moyor - Fine Art

Kristina was born and raised in Calgary, AB. In a family full of creative people there was always opportunity and support when it came to the Arts. She is passionate about many forms of art including painting, drawing, photography, singing, and dancing. Most of her time growing up was spent creating art and dancing. Her school notes were laced with patterns and designs. Coming up with a polished and imaginative cover page seemed to take precedence over the project itself. She felt most at home in Art class, where she received honors and awards for top marks. While earning a few sales and art commissions in High school, and just feeling the need to express herself visually, she made plans to incorporate her career with her passion. In 2010, she completed her Bachelor of Arts (art major) at the University of Lethbridge.

Since then, she has found inspiration primarily in nature. The majesty of the mountains, the peaceful rolling hills supporting the lakes in the Okanagan, the constantly changing southern Alberta skies. Even the ordinary or rejected parts of a landscape such as remnants of a decaying flower excite her senses. Everywhere she goes, her camera follows to document moments of visual interest to be used in her art as a reference to a painting or simply to add fuel to her creativity.  In her recent travels to Hawaii and the south-western states (Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah) she found so much delight and added enthusiasm for the varying landscapes anticipating her artistic touch.

Her paintings glean towards a realistic aesthetic, with works from impressionist painters as her primary influence over the years. She sees the world in a similar way as the impressionists do, with more emphasis on how to paint it and expressing light and colour. She enjoys the dramatic contrasting complementary colours and the antithesis of calm and serene with turbulent and overpowering. Thundering waves elegantly curling and smashing into the smoothing sands create a harmonious landscape and drive Kristina to participate in conversing with her canvas.

Her goal is to possess the power of influence over the viewer, to bring more light and joy into all living spaces. With continual practice and the need to constantly cultivate her craft and expand her abilities, she opens her heart and mind to the world, hoping to captivate her audience with her positivity and love for all creations.


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